MYRTLE GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH  5920 Lillian Highway, Pensacola, FL 32506 -- 850-455-7389 MINUTES OF THE REGULAR BUSINESS MEETING ON July 20, 2016 The   Regular   Business   Meeting   was   held   on   July   20,   2016,   at   6:00   pm.      The   meeting   was   held   in   the   fellowship   hall   and was opened in prayer. CLERK’S   BUSINESS:      Bonnie   Quinley   presented   the   minutes   of   the   June   22,   2016,   Regular   Business   Meeting   as   printed   in the   July   Business   Meeting   package.         Motion   to   approve   by   Tony   McFarlane   and   seconded   by   Keely   Zayas.      APPROVED by show of hands. Requests for letters of church membership:  For June:  From:  St James Episcopal Church, Leesburg, FL, for the letter of Hank Cason.  Motion to approve by George Butler and seconded by Jim Gramlich.  APPROVED by show of hands. New members to be approved:  for June:   Profession of Faith:  None. Statement of Faith :  Todd Smith Letter:  Sherri Tyree, Scott  Jerauld, and Margaret Jerauld. Motion to approve by Shirley Johnston and seconded by Tony McFarlane.  APPROVED by show of hands. TREASURER'S   REPORT:      Richard   Main   presented   the   financial   report   for   June   as   presented   in   the   July   Business   Meeting package.  Comment:      Richard   Main:      Our   figures   for   June   look   dismal.      We   had   a   sizeable   deficit   in   June   that   is   attributed   to   three paydays   in   June,   the   1st,   15th   and   30th.      That   really   hits   hard.      On   top   of   that   we   had   a   $12,900   electric   bill,   and   a   few other   things   that   drove   the   deficit   up.      Overall,   we   do   have   an   excess   year-to-date   so,   it   is   not   all   grim.      We   have   been under   the   firewall   for   most   of   the   last   few   months.      We   rarely   get   above   the   firewall.      The   firewall   is   an   arbitrary   figure that we set of things that have to be paid.  They are in a certain category and they will be paid.  To   update   information   on   restoration,   we   finished   the   offices.      We   are   trying   to   coordinate   with   Omar   Macho   to   start the   tile.      For   convenience,   the   project   is   planned   for   the   weekend.      It   will   not   be   as   difficult   because   there   will   be   less traffic over the weekend.  We hope to get that started soon.  It will depend on Omar's schedule.  Pastor Ron:  For new folks who are here,   would you share a little bit more of what that will encompass?  Richard   Main:      It   will   be   to    r eplace   all   the   carpeting   with   tile   starting   from   the   entrance   between   the   two   glass   doors, which   is   already   tiled.      We   will   pick   up   that   and   go   all   the   way   to   the   glass   doors   on   the   other   end,   including   the   entire foyer   area.      Then   we   will   do   all   the   hallways   around   the   sanctuary.      We   are   getting   rid   of   all   the   carpet.      It   will   be   all ceramic   tile.      We   also   have   all   the   lights   and   ceiling   tiles   for   the   fellowship   hall.      Everything   on   the   ceiling   will   be replaced.      We   will   put   up   twenty-three   lights   which   are   high-performance   LEDs.      Joe   Caro   has   volunteered   to   do   the work   and   he   may   need   some   help.      This   is   an   extensive   job   because   each   light   has   to   be   hung   from   the   concrete   ceiling.     Holes   will   have   to   be   drilled   for   each   light   that   is   hung.      After   we   finish   the   lights   and   ceiling,   then   the   room   will   be painted   and   the   drapes   will   be   changed.      After   this   project   is   completed,   we   will   start   on   the   roof.      I   hope   we   can   get   the tile project completed before the end of the year.  It depends on manpower.  Question: Randy Petuchov:  How close are we to the original bid?  Answer:      Richard   Main:      Omar   quoted   $23,000   to   do   everything.      We   may   have   to   raise   a   little   more   money   to   complete the   project.      We   have   $17,000,   almost   $18,000   remaining   in   the   fund   for   restoration.      The   tiles   and   lights   have   been paid.  Motion    to    approve    the    financial    report    presented    for    June    was    made    by    Morgan    Miller    and    seconded    by    Diana McFarlane.  APPROVED by show of hands.  COMMITTEE REPORTS:   None.  NEW BUSINESS:  Committee   on   Committees:      Joe   Cato   presented   recommendations   from   the   Committee   on   Committees   to   fill   vacant committee positions as listed below.  Nursery/Preschool Committee:  Martha Lake.  APPROVED show of hands.  Carol Larsen.  APPROVED by show of hands.  Tonya Hayes.  APPROVED by show of hands.  ANNOUNCEMENTS:      The   memorial   service   for   Dr.   Alton   Butler   will   be   held   Saturday,   July   30,   2016,   at   2:00   pm   at   Myrtle Grove Baptist Church.  ADJOURNMENT:      Motion   to   adjourn   by   Tony   McFarlane   and   seconded   by   Morgan   Miller.      APPROVED    by   show   of   hands.       _____________________________ ____________________________ Bonnie Quinley, Church Clerk Ron Lentine, Moderator