MYRTLE GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH  5920 Lillian Highway, Pensacola, FL 32506 -- 850-455-7389 MINUTES OF THE REGULAR BUSINESS MEETING ON September 21, 2016 The   Regular   Business   Meeting   was   held   on   September   21,   2016,   at   6:00   pm.      The   meeting   was   held   in   the fellowship hall and was opened in prayer. CLERK’S   BUSINESS:      Bonnie   Quinley   presented   the   minutes   of   the   August   24,   2016,   Regular   Business   Meeting   as printed   in   the   September   Business   Meeting   package.         Motion   to   approve   by   George   Butler   and   seconded   by Adolfo DeMontalvo.  APPROVED by show of hands. Requests for letters of church membership :  For August:  From:  Beulah Baptist Church, Grafton, West Virginia for letters of Jacaleene and Kaleena Youmans. Motion to approve by Chuck Keistler and seconded by Jim Gramlich.  APPROVED by show of hands. New members to be approved:  for August:   Profession of Faith:  None. Statement of Faith :  None, Letter:   Kenneth Loubriel, Deborah Loubriel, Susan Burleson, Richard Carter, Patricia Carter, and Virginia Lipham. Motion to approve by Adolfo DeMontalvo and seconded by Chuck Keistler.  APPROVED by show of hands. TREASURER'S   REPORT:      Richard   Main   presented   the   Financial   Report   for   August   as   presented   in   the   September Business Meeting package.  Motion   to   approve   the   financial   report   presented   for   July   was   made   by   David   Mason   and   seconded   by   Jim Gramlich.  APPROVED by show of hands.  Comment:      Richard   Main:      We   had   a   slight   deficit   last   month.      Our   expenses   exceeded   our   receipts   which   was   not that   bad.      We   are   still   in   the   plus   bracket   for   the   year.      The   way   things   are   tracking,   we   will   probably   have   about   a $54,000   deficit   for   the   year.      We   are   still   running   in   the   90   percentiles   so   we   are   doing   good   for   this   time   of   the year.  Information concerning the upcoming flooring project will be provided soon.  COMMITTEE REPORTS:   None.  NEW BUSINESS:  Pastoral   Recommendation:      Pastor   Ron   Lentine   presented   a   recommendation   for   admission   for   Freddie   Zayas   to ministry   training   at   New   Orleans   Baptist   Theological   Seminary.      Motion   to   approve   by   Jim   Gramlich   and   seconded by Johnny Jernigan.  APPROVED  by show of hands.  Finance   Committee:      Chuck   Keistler   presented   a   recommendation   from   the   Finance   Committee   for   09-21-2016.     The   recommendation   stated   that   an   A.W.A.N.A.   miniatry   is   set   to   begin   in   the   spring   of   2017.      The   committee unanimously   approved   a   recommendation   to   transfer   $1,500.00   from   the   designated   children's   ministry   line   item to   initially   fund   this   program.      Additionally,   a   budget   line   item   was   established   outside   of   the   firewall   for   the budget   year   2017.      Any   monies   collected   and/or   transferred   into   the   new   designated   A.W.A.N.A.   account   that would   exceed   the   original   requested   amount   ($1,500.00)   would   be   transferred   back   into   the   designated   children's ministry account.  Committee on Committees:  Joe Cato presented the following recommendations from the committee: Committee on Committees:  Neal Summerford to replace Mark Creighton, 2019.  Insurance Committee:  John Bonelli, 2018. Missions   Committee:      Virgil   Oldham,   Missions   member   Emeritus,   Chuck   Keistler,   2019,   Rondall   Youmans,   2019, Glenda   Mahuron,   2018,   Jim   Gramlich,   2018,   Martha   Lake,   ex-officio,   Anthony   McFarlane,   ex-officio,   and      Joe Mahuron, ex-officio.  Personnel:  Mark McCraney, 2017, Ron Lowe, 2017.  Audio   Visual/Worship   Committee:      Craig   Berry,   Pat   Berry,   Victor   Taylor,   Rex   Berry,   John   Bonelli,   Tim   New,   and Travis Youmans.  Powerpoint Team:  John Churchill, Mark McCraney, Sue Halfhill, and Tori Magaha.    ANNOUNCEMENTS:         Pastor   Ron   Lentine   announced   a   forty   day   period   of   fasting   and   prayer   to   begin   on September   26,   2016   for   Myrtle   Grove   Baptist   Church   revitalization   plan.      Please   fast   once   a   week   during   that   forty day   period.      The   sermons   for   the   next   next   month   will   cover   different   aspects   of   the   revitilization   plan.      There   will be   testimonies   by   leadership   and   church   members   every   Sunday.      At   the   same   time,   we   will   be   presenting   our 2017 church budget on which the committee has done a great job.  ADJOURNMENT:      Motion   to   adjourn   by   Chuck   Keistler   and   seconded   by   David   Mason.      APPROVED    by   show   of hands.    _____________________________ ____________________________ Bonnie Quinley, Church Clerk Ron Lentine, Moderator